Flyme OS stable (Pro 6)

System Upgrade

  • New: Night upgrade mode.


  • Optimization: boot speed and reduce upgrade time.
  • NEW: language settings, network settings and account registration login page Flyme.

Lock screen

  • NEW: lock screen notification bar at the top to modify from the drop-down.
  • Optimization: music lock screen interface effects.
  • Optimization: charging animation lock screen left whole.

Pphone Guardian

  • Added: power-hungry applications prompt, easily caught sneaking backstage application.
  • New: wake-cut 2.0, mutual wake between intelligent prohibit unnecessary applications, effectively increasing fluency.
  • New: access control lock screen interception, but also you a clean lock screen.
  • Added: extreme power saving mode, lock screen displays remaining charge increase.
  • Fix: Use phone has traffic, but the phone housekeeper remaining traffic will not be updated until a value is displayed.


  • Optimization: camera experience, improve the speed camera, faster than a little bit, used to know.
  • Optimization: camera’s white balance and brightness effects, photo color and brightness more perfect.
  • Fix: some Bluetooth Self-rod probabilistic shoot two issues.
  • Added: new camera scan code mode, support for the two-dimensional code and bar code scanning.
  • Optimization :( upgrade) camera speed camera.
  • Optimization: your camera animation and sound.
  • Optimization: Speed ​​camera startup screen lock case, in time to capture the beautiful moments.
  • Optimization: Third Party App calling camera experience.
  • Optimization: Modify photographs sound resources.
  • Optimization: Optimization of processing temperature recording mode, modify the temperature prompt.


  • Optimization: The phone in the lower part of the scene fluency.
  • Theme: new growth and local theme screenshot function, press the volume keys and power button trigger.
  • Optimization: The split-screen adaptation increased more third-party applications.
  • Optimization: update the underlying Unicode, show more support for emoji expression.
  • Optimization: vertical stripes appears in low-light problem.

Set up

  • New: increase in phone settings in “Call flash remind” switch.
  • New: Add Flyme classic mode, the setting - open the double switch freely Flyme classic layout mode - Accessibility.
  • Optimization: on your phone to adjust the visual service records.
  • New: increased accessibility Accessibility Options.
  • New: Animation option increases 0.75x options.
  • New: Add VPN, screenshots, mobile hotspot, driving assistance, mobile phone acceleration switch.


  • Added: New video sharing
  • New: Star voting
  • New: Selection revision, minutes “positive” and “Others”, positive / Highlights a button to easily switch.
  • New: Domestic services (OTO) to get through the new.
  • Optimization: video playback power performance.


  • Optimization: Stock refresh rate.
  • New: Picture Editor add “stickers” feature.
  • New: Self-new independent gallery folder.


  • Optimization: hang up the call interface to let go when the response.
  • Optimization: When the card is not in the long-term process of search network cause serious power.
  • New: increased anti inadvertently call interface characteristics.
  • Added: Contact “position” information.
  • New: Long press the call record copy number.
  • New: Pages added "international traffic 'later entry.
  • Added: New high-speed mode, the call to enhance the stability of the high-speed rail.


  • Optimization: Off by default “smart identification strange number” open path: Dial-up - Settings - Intelligent Recognition strange number.


  • New: Added Share mood-cards.

File Management

  • Added: locked area editing “New Folder”, “moving” and “rename”.
  • New: Locking mobile notification bar area and bomb box displays the progress and stop the movement function.
  • Optimization: File management - Image - file image to view all logic.
  • Optimization: Optimization of locked area upgrade strategy.
  • New: small increase QQ and micro-channel video category Video category.

Status Bar

  • Optimization: Immersive status bar effect.
  • Optimization: charging animation lock screen left whole problem.
  • Optimization: Screenshot Screenshot notice after notice to the floating display.


  • Optimization: handwriting input, the first word of the default input directly into the edit box.
  • Optimization: Lenovo Pinyin under state, click “,” on-screen logical question “0” key “.”.


  • Optimization: Modify lock screen clock UI.

Find your phone

  • Repair: I Find the phone occasionally unable to resolve the problem of address information.

Customer feedback

  • User feedback helps users to upgrade.
  • Module: to increase user help topics, recommended reading, popular feedback module.
  • Feedback ( New) fast feedback to improve the efficiency of feedback.
  • Submit ( New) Support Submit Feedback camera picture.
  • Optimization: Optimization of feedback and submit records show.

Pressure touch

  • Fix: touch pressure timing clock APP click pause after displaying abnormal.
  • FIX: APP pressure touch clock time, increase the time after pause.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

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@Rey I tried this FW, unfortunately there is only a partial translation system (I am Czech) and some Chinese unrecoverable application. I went back to , But that has not worked properly and I had to make the factory reset. :-(. I’ll wait for next:circus_tent: FW and hope for greater use of 3D Press … P.S. Do I need help. Who Superuser works with Flyme acount root? Thanks. JP.

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I have a question, but I’m not well english. I’m in Vietnam. My pro6 version is, I wanna update new this rom ( stable). So how am I gonna do that?! Thank you so much!!!

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