Xiaomi Mi Band

Today i did receive my Xiaomi Mi Band i bought from Aliexpress at Seven Sea Sale for only 18,90$ shipped.

If you know Xiaomi products thease come in some cardbox case. The Mi Band came in one too. Pretty stable well packed.

Inside you find the silicone like Band, the actual technical device already placed in the Band, some USB charger and some sheet of instructions in chinese.

If you read on the net about the band ppl say you have to charge it 1st. My came 1/3rd charged but i did it anyway. In about 2 hours the device was fully charged ( i did use the Meizu wall charger for that ).

One thing you need is some Xiaomi account. This can be created in english here https://account.xiaomi.com/
You can use an email adress and/or a phone number for that.

This account is needed to get the actual app for the Mi band and also for the App on your phone to register your band and sync it with your phone.

Ok after i downloaded the newest app for the Band, i had to put in some data. My gender, height, weight and age. It will also ask you how many steps you want to do every day but you can change that later aswell.

The app wants quite some rights and thouse you cant disable. I only found some options with push messages for it. Note my MX3 is not rooted.

The app itself is already translated to english, some fansites offer other languages aswell.
However put in the account there was still chinese words to read, because it came from the webserver of Xiaomi i guess.
It takes a while untill you find the options. Meaning the app is not that well done. You can check a lot stuff and overall you can do a lot with the Band but i think it could be done more easy to navigate through the app.

After i did sync the Band to the MX3 the app did a firmwareupdate for it over blutooth.
I have it now on and it did already notice some steps and sync it back to the MX3.

I will check how good the sleep watch is tonight. Something i really wanted the band for.

I would say for 19$ its a nice device to check how much you move how much you burned and how ell you did sleep.
You can set alarms on it and some other stuff too.

Dont know if i want to spend much more on this item. For a fintness Band it does the job quite well i would say so far and for 19$ you really cant go wrong with it.

Thanks for the small review! I use the Sony SmartBand SWR10 myself. It works almost flawless with the MX3! Only some small incompatibilities in the Lifelog app (it doesn’t count how long I have been using Flyme’s media apps). On the other hand, I can control the music player perfectly fine with it.

Wow cost a lot more your Sony Band. Seems not much to differ from the Mi band.

Ordered one myself!

Sony SmartBand SWR10 does not work with MX4… Might have to switch to the Xiaomi Mi Band as well…

The Band works quite well tacks pretty good sleep phases too.
I also did figure out how to activate the LEDs to check how far you away from todays goal. But it still only activates once out of 4 trys.
You need to do like you want to look at your watch but need a bit a half circle move and straight stop and look.

Well nice buy for 18.90$, actually i have not found it cheaper yet. 6$ for the seller with including shipping costs seems quite fair to me.

Please share links, and explain what is sleep track exactly, does it wake up you at right time so you wont be tired or something? Like sleep as android?

It figures out when you go to bed and how good your sleep phase is. I guess when u dont move much ur in deep sleep if u move a little ur in light sleep phase. But it also notice if you wake up somehow.
You can set some alarm to wake u up but the band will only vibrate. I did not use it yet. i dont think its a good idea to use this only.

Share links ? What links ? I already said i did buy it from a seller at Aliexpress at the seven sea sale in preorder. So you wont get that discount anymore.
However if u look there i see plenty of sellers for 20-30$ even one for 17,11$ but seller got no feedback. The band cost directly from xiaomi around 13$.

Here is some review with pictures and comparsion to other bands.

On a side note, i did not notice any trouble with bluetooth connection.

A teardown of the band can be found here http://en.miui.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=31454

Sorry for floating this thread.

I’ve just got a miband on my hands and it’s quite nice built. There are mod builds based on the official version that allows it to vibrate with any notification you want (not only calls).

However, I’m having Bluetooth connection issues (sometimes it just randomly disconnects from the phone and stop notifying anymore.)
Someone having the same issue?


I’ve got the Mi Band for a couple of weeks as well. The build quality is awesome, design is good and it works very well (it even gives meal suggestions, lol). It seems to do it’s job more than well for a 20 buck band. Also I installed the modified version which allows custom notifications, you can find it here (Oh, there seems to be a new version already, must check it out…), you’ll need an account on that site though.

The problem with notifications randomly working and sometimes not is because of the design of the app and the device - and the connection in between. Bluetooth connection between your phone and the band isn’t meant to be real-time, instead the devices sync data only when you open the app. This is to save the battery of both your band and your phone - and it works very effectively. Also, Flyme doesn’t seem capable of keeping the app running on the background 24/7, which is needed for real-time notifications as well. However, if you get lucky and your app is running and sees a notification, it’ll send the signal over bluetooth to your band - which takes about three seconds. If your band doesn’t receive the info within couple of seconds your phone will give up sending the signal, and you will not receive any kind of a notification on your band.

It might be possible to change it, but I’m happy with how it is right now. If it was built so that it’d be active all the time with notification signals only in mind, it would eat loads more juice from your phone. In theory, however, it should be possible and working currently - but somethings interfering - I don’t think anybody knows if it’s the hardware (Poor Bluetooth hw/support by Meizu?), software (App not running on background?), or the band itself (???). At least I haven’t missed a call during my use of the band - so it seems to transfer info better when everything’s given the time (untill I pick up the phone).

So I’m willing to get a Mi band soon and I’ve got a question.
There is this feature that let you disable the security code on you phone when the Mi band is around, it works with Xiaomi and phones with Android 5.0 at least using the “trusted device” feature.
When I tested flyme 4.5 I didn’t remember seeing “trusted device” feature. So the question is there a workaround ?

@iChebbi said:

So I’m willing to get a Mi band soon and I’ve got a question.
There is this feature that let you disable the security code on you phone when the Mi band is around, it works with Xiaomi and phones with Android 5.0 at least using the “trusted device” feature.
When I tested flyme 4.5 I didn’t remember seeing “trusted device” feature. So the question is there a workaround ?

the same case ,i need to enable smartlock ,but where where I can found the setting?

Interesting …re Xioami stuff…
I just got the 6gig Xioami router and its fab…I dont speak mandarin but the translation works well on google…i have backed up my pc and another terabyte disk attached to the PC, and its doing my phone now (dont ask how to restore! :) )
I also got 6 Yi night vision cameras and downloaded the various apps…amazing how the apps sync to the router software and I you can see all the cameras one underneath the other…apparently with older sofware they all open together in another app…havent tried that yet…but all for about £15 each all sync to anyone’s router (wireless) and are visible with the app…AMAZING cheap you can have HD cams in every room of the house for £15 a room…you need their repeating router as it works at double the speed of all others 2.4 and 5ghz …AMAZING cheap router about £15 as wel
Replying to "Xiaomi Mi Band"
Also I have the electronic Xioami scale (for £10 …where can you get that here in UK? Nowhere) which also syncs alongside the Mi Band…to the 6gig router and the same app as the Mi Band…incredible and all the apps work.
However for the Mi Band and Xioami band software (August 2015) I got the same ‘trusted device’ issue however and there is no solution I could find for that issue …maybe on the MX5 PRO it may be resolved…on my 4Pro it isnt resolved either…-…solution is to download the app for Google fit as that worked immediately and registered everything…without fiddling with any other settings security or otherwise…

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Just looked arount the Settings app to search for smartlock in the flyme 5 beta, but it’s not available.

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