This following method has been proven to work on my mother’s Meizu M1 Note Flyme OS stable G version. I installed xposed framework & app on that phone without using recovery. It was an A version and through this forum, I succeeded to change it to I or G version. Consider this as how I repay back to this forum. This method might work on other phones too.

I tried to flash another mod file using other phone and it works. You might be able to flash any mod zip file. Because Meizu’s bootloader is locked, we won’t be able to flash custom rom.

Here’s how you can flash xposed zip file without using recovery:

  • Activate root on your phone
  • Download Xposed framework. If you’re using Android 5.1, then you should choose sdk22/arm64/. Choose the latest version. Don’t forget to download xposed app too. Save them all in your phone memory.
  • Go to Play Store and install FlashFire
  • Open FlashFire and grant root access to it.
  • Press red plus sign and choose “Flash ZIP or OTA” and then locate your zip file from your memory.
  • On the next window, make sure “Auto-mount” is unchecked and “Mount/ system read/write” is checked (the default settings).
  • Next, scroll down and make sure that “EverRoot disabled” while"Normal" & “Preserve recovery” are checked (it’s the default setting and you might not have to change them).
  • Press the red lightning button to flash your zip file. Your phone will turn black twice while flashing and it will auto reboot.
  • Once your phone rebooted, install xposed app.

Congratulations. Now you have xposed installed on your phone.

Some xposed module I recommend you to install:

  • Amplify
  • Greenify
  • GravityBox (LP)
  • Meizu notification fix (to display icons correctly on the status bar)
  • HeadsOff (to disable annoying notification heads up on LP)
  • BootManager
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