Working Viper4android?

Came across this on the Chinese Flyme forums:

From what I can gather someone has managed to get v4a working! Having problems following the broken English when translating in Chrome so was wondering if someone here could have a look and see what’s up.

I don’t want to get too excited YET but man, if this works… I might wet myself…

Meizu Pro 5

probably something wrong with translation but can’t get the driver installed atm

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@Kikounet95 Well shit. Me too. I wonder what all that about MaxxWaves is about.

Ok so after talking with the OP of that Chinese forum post it turns out his tutorial wasn’t for the PRO5. Damn. Really had my hopes up… again. Might be time for a new phone now I reckon.

Meizu Pro 5

@ShadowOfDeth You can download and install the latest version of V4A on your Pro 5, by installing a custom MM ROM. Just look on XDA for the forum link.

@dankeogh Yeah I’m not interested. Last custom ROM I tried was crap and it’s just too much hassle.

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