Flyme OS stable (m3 note)


  • Optimization: Audio Problems.
  • Optimization: camera flash effect.
  • Optimization: The system fluency.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

Clear data is required during upgrade.

Thanks ! This update seems to work on my global device !
Updating as we speak now ! Let’s see how ‘stable’ this is :D

I found a bug: when typing something in dialer and calling, and then after call pops up keyboard and not dialer. this was not happening on previous version of flyme os.

Just upgraded from to and i’m having issues with battery. It’s draining faster than before, any idea ? :/

@neekz said in Flyme OS stable (m3 note):

Just upgraded from to and i’m having issues with battery. It’s draining faster than before, any idea ? :/

i don’t know the exact reason but this os didn’t work that great on my m3 note to.
I updated to the latest beta now and battery is fine.
So i would recommand to update if you want to …

Is this the international version ? All languages included ? Because my phone bricked and I need the firmware. Thanks
[EDIT] : I have installed it and no, there is only chinese and english.Where can I find a firmware with international language please (including french) ?

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@neekz Please, where did you find the version ? Thanks.

@galactic45 cherche sur needrom , je ne peux pas mettre de lien ici

@faniryxx OK, merci :-) elles sont fiables ? Je peux l’installer sans root ? Vu que j’ai un téléphone à la base International ?

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I am pretty new to M3, which I just bought in China, now I am trying to install the international version. On some forums is says the latest version is: Meizu M3 Note Global ROM Version: Flyme OS But I saw on this site that the latest seems to be, is this international version with G or A suffix ? what is the difference anyway between A and G?

And any one can share the step-by-step how to install ROM instruction will be much appreciated. I am a total novice in this field.

thank you !

The G version is an international one.
The A version is the China one but english is supported.

@galactic45 oui ce sont les vraies rom , j’ai un m3 note vendu avec aussi à la base mais je suis passé sur , j’ai utilisé Morelocale2 pour ajouter le français et c’est nickel . Et pas besoin de root

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@faniryxx Justement moi aussi je pense avoir eu cette version, vant mon brick, j’aimerais donc y retourner, donc selon toi je peux télécharger cette version sur needrom puis l’installer ? Merci

i update my m3 note to A version
and now i cant update G version some one can help?

i want version because not working good.
I want global version plz help me
What can i do?

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