Hi there,

I am facing an issue with some apps that can’t be updated.
I grab my apps from Aptoide, they install fine. But once, for some of them and not always the same, there is an update available, there is no way to install them.

Let me explain the issue using screenshots.

1/ there are updates available, I choose for this example to update Whatsapp:


2/ I download it and the installation engine from Meizu asks to install it or not (I will click ‘Continue’):


3/ there is a scan which is performed for virus check and other threats, but NEVER the button ‘Install’ will be active (remain grey):


4/ as the only way available, I choose then to go through the App store by clicking ‘AUTO INSTALL’, but after downloading the app, there is an error message saying this is a downgrade installation (meaning the app version in the Meizu App store is not the latest update avaiable from Aptoide but an older one, even older than the one already installed):


So, my question is: how to fix that issue in the install check process to get the ‘Install’ button active instead of remaining unavailable to be able to perform this update?

Note: there source from Aptoide is ‘trusted’ and verified if you ask.

Thanks in advance fro your help!