Problem with updating

Hey guys,

I’ve got problem with my “new” MX5. Today I’ve exchanged my phone for MX5 and I tried to update it to Flyme OS 5.1, because this smartphone is still on 4.5. And the problem is that I can’t access into recover mode neither I can’t upgrade from app and neither from File Manager…
When I restart my phone using Vol Up + Power Button it shows Meizu logo for a little while and it just shuts down.

Any ideas?

edit: also deleting user data and cleaning up SD cart an whole data didn’t work. I had to clean everything from previous owner just by myself. He was surprised too.
When I want to reset phone using those options from storage, it just shuts down without any action afterwards.

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I’ve repaired it with flashing MX5 recovery via FlashFire - it works perfectly. I changed region and I did install update to Flyme 5.1. But still got problem with account logged out incorrectly so I can’t set my own…

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