How can i install Chinese firmware on International m3 note?


I would like to try the newest stables and betas, because i’m not 100% satisfied with the current G firmware, but i can’t find any tutorials to do it. Is it even possible? And if it is, can i easily install back the G version if i don’t like the A version.

I have International G version of m3 note.


Just follow upgrading/downgrading procedure as explained in details in the Wiki section - read the signature of any original 5.x.y.z.w post/topic.

As long as your phone is an International one (or you chwnged its ID to the International) you can always upgrade/downgrade between any G, A and Y version.

I.e., just go from your original G to any A or Y, and later badk to any G (or I version if you go to Flyme 4 and if Flyme 4 is applicable for your phone) as you wish.

Of course, make sure that you only use firmwares for your model (M3 Note) and that you always Wipe data when installing a firmware

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Thanks, the problem is that my phone says that the firmware is corrupt, that’s why i thought that it might need a different method. I’ll try it with the latest firmware.

I tried it with different firmwares, but all of them are corrupt, as the phone says. :( the name is and it’s on the root of the phone storage. Any idea, what might be wrong?

It might be your internet connection was not stable and made the zip file corrupt. I always use IDM because it has a feature to detect any corrupt file while downloading the file.

I have this problem too. Coming from, no way to change my software release to A. I have downloaded a lot of different A firmwares, by smartphone, by PC with an ethernet connection (stable 100mbps), even with a different connection, every time it says “Firmware Corrupt”… Seriously, I don’t know what the problem could be. I never had this problem changing firmware on my MX4 Pro…

I’m on the same firmware. :( I hope that an international one comes soon… Also I never had this problem with my m2 note, I could easily install other firmwares.

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