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  • How can i install Chinese firmware on International m3 note?


    I would like to try the newest stables and betas, because i’m not 100% satisfied with the current G firmware, but i can’t find any tutorials to do it. Is it even possible? And if it is, can i easily install back the G version if i don’t like the A version.

    I have International G version of m3 note.


  • Just follow upgrading/downgrading procedure as explained in details in the Wiki section - read the signature of any original 5.x.y.z.w post/topic.

    As long as your phone is an International one (or you chwnged its ID to the International) you can always upgrade/downgrade between any G, A and Y version.

    I.e., just go from your original G to any A or Y, and later badk to any G (or I version if you go to Flyme 4 and if Flyme 4 is applicable for your phone) as you wish.

    Of course, make sure that you only use firmwares for your model (M3 Note) and that you always Wipe data when installing a firmware

  • Thanks, the problem is that my phone says that the firmware is corrupt, that’s why i thought that it might need a different method. I’ll try it with the latest firmware.

  • I tried it with different firmwares, but all of them are corrupt, as the phone says. :( the name is and it’s on the root of the phone storage. Any idea, what might be wrong?

  • It might be your internet connection was not stable and made the zip file corrupt. I always use IDM because it has a feature to detect any corrupt file while downloading the file.

  • I have this problem too. Coming from, no way to change my software release to A. I have downloaded a lot of different A firmwares, by smartphone, by PC with an ethernet connection (stable 100mbps), even with a different connection, every time it says “Firmware Corrupt”… Seriously, I don’t know what the problem could be. I never had this problem changing firmware on my MX4 Pro…

  • I’m on the same firmware. :( I hope that an international one comes soon… Also I never had this problem with my m2 note, I could easily install other firmwares.

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