How can i install Chinese firmware on International m3 note?


I would like to try the newest stables and betas, because i’m not 100% satisfied with the current G firmware, but i can’t find any tutorials to do it. Is it even possible? And if it is, can i easily install back the G version if i don’t like the A version.

I have International G version of m3 note.


I have an international version too , and I just installed latest chinese firmware on my phone . Download the zip file , copy it in the root folder of your device (rename it to and reboot to recovery , then select “upgrade” and “wipe data” if you want to . But I don’t know if I can get back to global version now , I’m waiting for the global version update of the next week

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The problem is that my phone always says that the firmware is corrupt. :( But i’ll try it with another firmware. Thanks.

Unfortunately it still says that the firmware is corrupt, for betas and stables too. Do you have any idea what the problem might be? The firmware is on the root of the phone storage and it’s named

Try another way:

  • Shutdown phone
  • Keep pressing Volum Up and Power
  • Release Volume Up, and later release Power
  • Phone had to boot into Recovery
  • Attach USB cable, on the PC you should see empty Recovery partition, upload there
  • From Recovery, check Upgrade and Clean Data, and press Start

it didn’t work either :( i don’t know what the problem is. :(

Meizu m3 note

Same problem here, always says firmware corrupt, i am on croatia and have global but i wanna try chinesse rom… Anybody help why always says firmwire corrupt

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