Google apps problem (google installer)

Hello! I know this is for MX5 but I don’t get any answer in the MX6 subforum so I’m looking for an answer if someone know it. Thanks

I have 2 New MX6 (one has and the other and I have tried to install the GAPS through google installer app.
Apparently it installs them well… However, it only Installs the Google Play App not The Google Settings and I cannot sync neither Gmail, contacts and so on, just download apps… But what is worse is that it removed itself Google Play after a while… So I have to start again
Someone could give me a hand with it?

Hello @Ivanbg87 , thanks for your quick answer.

That does not work. I think, the problem is that Google Installer doesn’t install all Google Services, just those rellated to Google PLay… What is more strange is the fact that all those installed services disappear on their own…

Hm, unfortunately, i don’t know then… i had a same problem like you and when i installed that app everything is now just fine. Do you instaled inside of that Google app what you need? It si not enough just to install that app…

@negrito Just Allow Permissions of all the Gapps to Auto-launched in the Security app. It’s Google Mobile Services (GSM) Installer v4.1, please install this package.

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I have been using this app (Google Installer from Meizu Store) since Meizu MX4 and I never had problems… It always installs the Play Store and another app that it’s Google Settings (with a settings icon) but Now, It only installs Google Play App (that actually works) but not the rest…and I dont know why it disappears

OK! ALL who has the same problem…I have discovered where is the problem… it is the “Google Installer VERSION”.

Last version does not work, it gives you the problems above commented.

To download the previows version (that works), in the Meizu App Store, go to Google Installer app and then go down to the bottom. There, you can see the current version and a site where says “Version History” Click there and chose the previows one (from January, first that says “for Android 6”)

And that is… that one works well like always!

Very strange that i only have Instagram problem. Yesterday i have cleared data and everything from phone and again same problem.

Did somebody have baterry life problem with this new update?

Meizu Pro 5


After some major problems like trying to change flyme os version from the latest upgrade to an older my phone was factory reseted, i think because of this i lost the Google play store app. Now after many hours of reading and trying out i found the right version of google play store file. First i could not open the app it was just running a check for version. Then when i did something i think like turning gps on(location) the app opens ,now im able to put text like my user google account, but now im stucked with “can not connect to server ,try again later)” message. The latest now is that when i try to open google play it just dont open at all. Did you have any problems with this? tips on how to fix it?

How /where do i find google installer on my phone? maybe that could be one of my problems to Play store? meizu app store is not as good as google play

One question to reset phone/wipe ,do i need to enter a code? when i wipe phone a message for a code came up. I just enter some numbers but as to last time like yesterday i manage to enter right code and then able to wipe phone.

To wipe It you have to enter the code it asks you to unlocked (if you don’t put the finger).

The “Google Installer App” is in the Meizu App Store… Just look for google installer… It’s the first one… Then, remember what I put above… Look for the previous version.

Then… Enter In the app and push “Install” and… That it’s!

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