Google Apps in MX6 help please


I have 2 New MX6 (one has and the other and I have tried to install the GAPS through google installer app.

Apparently it installs them well… However, it only Installs the Google Play App not The Google Settings and I cannot sync neither Gmail, contacts and so on, just download apps… But what is worse is that it removed itself Google Play after a while… So I have to start again

Someone could give me a hand with it?


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OK! ALL who has the same problem…I have discovered where is the problem… it is the “Google Installer VERSION”.

Last version does not work, it gives you the problems above commented.

To download the previows version (that works), in the Meizu App Store, go to Google Installer app and then go down to the bottom. There, you can see the current version and a site where says “Version History” Click there and chose the previows one (from January, first that says “for Android 6”)

And that is… that one works well like always!

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