Flyme OS test firmware (m2 note)


  • Added: New video sharing, and do not look my screen, and directly share with your friends optimistic.
  • New: Star voting, fans Meimi brother over here, give it your love beans vote feed.
  • New: Selection revision, minutes “positive” and “Others”, positive / Highlights a button to easily switch to meet all you chase drama curiosity.
  • New: Domestic services (OTO) The new open, saw the trailer, Shunpian Mai ticket, really good Su Hu.
  • Fix: play online video, drag the progress bar sporadic unresponsive.
  • FIX: suspension cut to full-screen video playback, the volume becomes 0.
  • Fix: toggle full screen video playback, video sporadic flash back.
  • FIX: When playing the video even now there is no progress bar tell you a ghost story: the progress of the king back from the dead.
  • FIX: After disconnected from the network, the cached video is not available.

File Management

  • New: Locking mobile notification bar area and bomb box displays the progress and stop the movement function, accidentally move the wrong place does not matter, you’ll help stop the bleeding.
  • Added: locked area editing “New Folder”, “moving” and “Rename”, so that a second short film named learning materials - Japanese entry .avi (you happy enough).
  • Repair: PC to see the new lock directory.
  • FIX: encrypt an entire folder into the locked area, and some do not show thumbnails.
  • Fix: file management into the locked area even now flash back. Flash back will always be repaired, as there will be sunny after the rain, like (warrior, dry bowl of hot chicken soup).


  • FIX: Clear the cache for the first time to enter the information, individual Center icon is not displayed (the triangle button to show the next point).

Voice assistant

  • FIX: Unable to use voice voice assistant accounting. Let brook makes your girlfriends, oh no, a private accounting assistant.


  • FIX: After restart the phone, the first double-click the Home button not working properly bring up the music.


  • Fix: Loading information has been in the page.
  • FIX: SMS bobble situation occurs, such as codes, SMS.


  • FIX: Switching gif mode switch back to automatic mode, you can view photos encryption.

System Upgrade

  • Fix: manually upgrade after upgrade reservation night, after the upgrade is still prompt “had an appointment at night upgrade” within App.


  • FIX: The browser stores images in the gallery and can not find the file manager.
  • “Picture, picture, where you go to die?”.
  • “I should be here, should not be in the vehicle.”


  • FIX: typhoon warning in the title is displayed as the background multitasking air quality. The wind is too strong, it accidentally running the wrong direction.

Lock screen

  • FIX: Lock screen displays notifications incomplete.


  • FIX: After searching in the global search click into a site after touch Home key will directly return to the main page search, rather than a.

Phone Guardian

  • Optimization: QQ, micro letter, know almost no applications occasional network.
  • Fix: Use phone has traffic, but the phone housekeeper remaining traffic is not updated, the display is always a value. Whether people or things will become total, if unchanged, it may be because there is Bug.
  • FIX: third-party music software in the case of the lock screen will appear to stop, error.

Power saving mode

  • Fix: Open lock card PIN code, enter limit the power saving mode, reboot unlock PIN interface, emergency dialing and dial pad overlap.


  • FIX: Calendar subscriptions in the English Premier League Manchester City Team logo error. Golden Eagle goodbye, boats and Manchester Lancashire Red Rose you good.

Easy mode

  • Optimization: Easy mode call Caller ID interface.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

please fix
rom a don’t show 2nd imei it’s show only first
but rom g show both

Gapps are working (installed via flashfire).

Can someone with one of the previous versions check the size of /system partition? I think it was bigger before…

Meizu m2 note

@klimu said in Flyme OS test firmware (m2 note):

Gapps are working (installed via flashfire).

Can someone with one of the previous versions check the size of /system partition? I think it was bigger before…

Yup it’s work … Thank for the info …

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