M3S-Firmware problem


The M3S I received, restarts itself or directly after startup. I tried to do a hard reset with several firmware without success.
Some firmware I get the message “firmware corrupt” after the checking firmware, perhaps normal if it’s not a global or chinese firmware.
But for some firmware i get the message “firmware corrupt” during the update so, after the checking firmware step.

Any idea to solve the problem?

Many thanks


@Corv222000 you downloaded the firmware from our site? If yes try using one of the source links.
If that doesn’t works either I am afraid something is more than wrong with your device. Maybe you were sold a broken one.

Thanks you for your answer; Yes I try with firmwares of the site and firmware of the meizu sites (www.flymeos.com/firmware.html, www.flyme.cn/firmware) but without success.

Are there any other method that the hard reset to flash the Meizu M3S?


You can do a factory reset over the Settings, but that won’t be the same.
I would recommend that you return it to the seller as long as you can.

Thanks you for your answer. I’ll try to replace it.

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