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  • Meizu pro 6 gaming lag slow camera

    Hello everybody I own the meizu pro 6 5.2.0 global, every game lags real racing, bitcoin billionaire, growth castle etc plus when it drop signal sometimes I have to reboot it to have again the mobile data working, and camera is slow to take picture non istantnaly like the old pro 5, ot: do you know if Amazon prime give me all money back if I don’t like the product but i used it? Do you have same problem with different or same firmware? Thanks for any answers

  • Same problem here, CAMERA is so slow (I cannot talk about games due to I don’t play any)… I thought it was my unit but I see it is not…

    I was going to flash the upgrade again but seeing that I’m not the only one I won’t…

    I don’t want to try a chinese versio (A) because I lose “Ok Google” feature and “Smartlock”. I use them a lot.

  • Let’s see if somebody with A version answer us. …

  • Did you try what I told you?

  • @negrito nope I don’t have time to try firmware A plus you will not receive anymore notification

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