In case u dont know about Raccoon i will tell you now.
Raccoon is a little Java programm that allows you to download apps from the google playstore to your computer.
Its availible for Windows, linux and also Mac.
At first you need to input a google account, this can be your real or a fake one you did create just for this.
After that you have a search bar where you input the name of the app.
Raccoon will search for it and display all matches. You can also look at the descripition and what rights the app wants.

If you want to download the app just click download and raccoon will create an app folder and puts the app inside it.

After that you only need to upload the app to your Smartphone and install it.
You also might need a Java Runtime programm. Thouse are kinda easy to find for windows and Linux.

Why you need this programm ?
Kinda easy, if u dont want a google account on your phone this is a very easy way to get the apps you want and install it on any android device.
In job this can come in handy when you have a mobile device management and whant to upload the apps to your enterprice app store.



If you don’t want to install an app on your pc try apk-downloader :
It works online and gives you a download link but only for free apps:

Yeah well there is also a github with sources and so on. I did read the webdownload has sometimes issues and i think you can check whats happening in the background more easy when u have a programm at home and check networktraffic.
I cant really do that with some website that gives out links thought.
Afaik you can also download non free apps with raccoon but i think its better you download them with your real account else they might not work and i think u need that account on the smartphone too.

Beside that i have Raccoon on my Cubietruck since i also have Java on it for Jdownloader.

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