Account Flyme and Themes in firmware G

Dearest Meizufans,
I state that it is my first post so I apologize for any errors.
I have a problem “severe” with my Pro 6 and I need help.
I made the transformation from A to G firmware by following the guidance of the forum, but I saw that the lack Flyme account and store of themes. By following a few tips I’ve manually installed both, but although I do access the account, synchronize contacts, notes and calendar wrong. It gives me “Exception error Salistrari account” while the store of themes makes me download them but do not apply. Someone gives me a hand please? Are there any apk available online at Pro 6 suitable for these functions are not on firmware G?
Thank aid.


@Salistrari I think not. There once were the APKs to get the Theme Center working on a G firmware, but they most likely won’t work on Flyme 5.2.X as it is Android 6 based. Only chance you have is to revert to the A firmware, root it and use morelocale2 and the Google Installer, so you can use the Play Store and have your language on the device.

in the New (today) version is again available Themes, accounts an so on

thanks for answers. I saw that the update has been withdrawn because of problems with synchronizing conttatti and Google Play Services. I solved cmq making me pass apk store of themes and the account by a guy who had them on his Pro 6. But do not know where he found them .
The fact is that now everything works like a charm.
I’m really sorry for withdrawn update . He did not look good . Meizu has suffered a fault to its image very inconvenient . A pity , in fact.

Mine works perfectly well… The only problem is that I have lost “OK Google” and “smartlock” features… Everything else work nice!

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