Flyme audio problems (sound goes to speakers with earphones).


I have a problem when using Spotify, every time I do something in my phone i.e. change between apps, press home button, the sound stutters. Also when using Podcast Addiction with earphones some actions like pressing the home button and turning on the screen (basically when going to the home screen) will make the sound come out from the main speaker with max volume.

I’m using google now launcher, which lags a little when swiping through screens if that’s important.
I really hope someone can help me.

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Is it only with Spotify? Did this issue occured on an older firmware as well? Is it a G or A firmware?
If it is not only on Spotify the jack is most likely broken and needs to be replaced. Maybe try other headphones as well.

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Its the G firmware. I didn’t get the chance to try on older firmware, upgraded as soon as I got the phone.
Spoify is the only one that doesn’t send audio to speakers. All other apps (podcast addict, soundcloud, stream) that I have tried send the sound to speakers when changing between apps or pressing home button.

I tested a little bit more. Seems like the problem only appears when using the google app as default launcher. It also makes the home screen a little laggi. If anyone knows a fix for all of this, besides using the default launcher, please let me know.

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