Getting back to international after installing chinese fw

Can I install international version easily in case I don’t like the chinese version I’m gonna install now ? Thanks

You can, if you find a good G.version. If you find please link it.

I’m currently on with french language , before I used to be on , i think its better than the . I downloaded G versions at needrom

Does your front-facing camera work with the needrom ROM ?

yes everything worked fine

@faniryxx said in Getting back to international after installing chinese fw:

yes everything worked fine

Can you possible share the build.prop file ?

I’m not on it anymore

How do you downgrade?
I am on the latest beta for m3 note but want to go back to global rom.
Doesn’t work with boot from recovery and doesn’t work if i download the and click update. It always says : firmware is to old…

i have an international device , I could update to chinese version easily but i don’t know if i would be able to get back to global firmware

Read thecWiki pages, everything is explained in details. If your phone is International (it came with International firmware), you can always go back and forth between A,Y and G. But before asking further how to e.g. change the firmware, read Wiki

I k ow it’s possible but it is with rooting and that’s not for me :( should have checked before i updated

@RdM You will probably need some tools like SuperSu and FlashFire, but be careful, you could mess it up.

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