Meizufans Photo Contest - Win 50€ with one shot!
Meizufans Photo Contest

The concept
Share the best shot taken with your Meizu device. It doesn’t matters what you photograph. It can be a selfie, nature, your cat, car or whatsover. We will leave the topic open for 2 weeks and then close it to select the 5 best pictures. In a second topic users will be allowed to vote for their favourite picture. Moderators and Administrators will be allowed to participate in the voting process.

The rules

  • Pictures may be only posted in this topic and have to be put into a Spoiler
  • Pictures may be only taken from a Meizu device (will be controlled for every upload)
  • Pictures may not contain any adult content
  • Moderators and Administrators are exempted from submitting photos (except for fun)
  • By submitting your picture you agree that it might be posted on our social accounts

The prize
You can win 50€ (56$). Either paid via PayPal, Bank transfer, Western Union, Bitcoins or an Amazon, Google Play or Steam Redeem.
If you choose to receive the prize via PayPal all fees will be carried by us. Winners will be contacted via the chat on our forum and then can decide how they want to receive the money. Failing to claim the prize within 10 days will result in a loss of the prize, which then will be rewarded to the 2nd place.

And for those who leave with empty hands:
Depending how popular this contest will be we will do it more regulary (monthly).

The voting process
This topic will be open for 14 days, after 14 days the topic will be closed for 72h allowing us to pick the 5 finalists.
After 72h we will edit the first post and show the 5 final pictures. Users then can vote another 7 days for their favourites by using our poll system.

Good luck!

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:::0_1471793337119_P60109-184454.jpg bolded textPro 5:::

Edit by Rey:
Please use a spoiler!

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I hope you like it.
Shot with the Meizu M2 Note.
Out of a branch
My other shots can be found here.

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@QuGhZx Ahah you can only post one photo guy 😉 not all your gallery

Oh snap! :o
My bad, which photo do you think I should keep?


@QuGhZx they are all quite nice, but in the end it is your choice ;)

Thanks for the great pictures so far!

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Can i upload my photo, now ? Where upload ?

@QuGhZx Of all your gallery :D I like 6th ;) It was hard to choice wich one to post

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@hanminnaung our composer offers an upload function. On mobile youbhave to scroll the bar under the title to the right and you will be able to see it.

@Rey really, i don’t found and i want to upload my photo

Thanks guys, I chose one, I hope I made the right choice!

@hanminnaung , you can upload it on image hosts like Imgur, flicker…etc and embed them here. but I recommend Flicker since it preserves quality.

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