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Can't download apk / infinite loop download


Not sure what caused it, but whenever I try to download apk from google play store or anywhere else it just says “waiting for download” and never get around to “downloading”.

I checked the wifi download setting too. btw my Flyme OS is, also using data to download.


@danyydezeyte clear data of the Play Store and its services. Also when did the issue started?


@Rey Yep, did that a couple of times, doesn’t work. It started like a week ago.

It just says “Downloading…” and when I open the tab from above / the wifi/data/bluetooth tab it says “Waiting for download…” with o.oo/o.oob and it goes on forever until I cancel it out.


I using meizu mx4 with 16G and have the same problem with you… But my case I only cant download any apk if using mobile data from play store… but if using WIFI i can download it all . Please advice…

p/s : already clear data
also cannot play any video from youtube apk, if using mobile data

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