Xposed on Meizu Pro 5?


Hello, I’ve been trying to follow the above guide to get xposed working on my pro 5.

However I am unable to follow the steps listed in the above thread.

“Open Terminal Emulator and write this command:
cd /sdcard
su -c sh install

I do not get how the line is supposed to work. How is running “sh install” with a super user with a ‘-c’ flag suppose to do anything? There isn’t a file or folder specified. Shouldn’t executing the script go something like “./script.sh”?

“Navigate to the install script with Root Explorer, click it and choose “Linux Script Handler” - reboot after”

This is the other method which also doesn’t work. Navigating into the folder > META-INF> com > google > android > install.script.sh, opening the file using Linux script handler only opens it up as a text editor.

I have given all required root permissions and installed all necessary modules. The framework I am using is arm64, sdk22, v86. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Phone model : Meizu Pro 5
Android Ver : 5.1, Flyme OS

@testnia Have you tried the following:

cd /storage/emulated/0/xposed
Hit enter
su -c sh install

Also that tutorial is way convoluted.
All you need is the xposed installer apk and xposed files.


Here’sa link to my Drive. Just download the xposed .zip, move it to a folder named xposed (find it easier personally) and extract everything in it. Easy.

Now just type the commands in terminal as above and Bob’s your uncle.

Should probably point out that the xposed files are for an older version but it’s easily updated to the latest version of xposed.

Fantastic. Thanks for the reply. Your archive contains the “install, uninstall” files which weren’t in the original xposed.zip.

Quick question, can I swap the v81 xposed in the xposed.zip file you provided to the latest xposed? Or should i udpate it through the application instead?

Appreciate it, thanks.

Meizu Pro 5

You can use v86 without problem

@testnia Yes. Just download the latest version “xposed-v86-sdk22-arm64.zip” and swap it out with the one from my Drive and go through the terminal install again. That’s what I do.

hi, I have a meizu pro 5 with flyme (android 5.1) and I want to install xposed framework. I downloaded the xposed files "xposed-v86-sdk22-arm64.zip”, move it to a folder named xposed (which pathway is /storage/emulated/0/xposed) and extracted everything in it. However when I type

Hit enter
su -c sh install

in the terminal, I have the following errors

tmp-mksh: storage/emulated/0/xposed: can’t execute: Is a directory
sh: install: No such file or directory

My phone is rooted, “Exposed installer” is installed and I have SuperSU activated for my terminal. Can you help me ?

With the latest xposed framework apk 3.1.1 there is no need of terminal anymore it can download and install the framework directly from the app

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Thx for the update ! It worked easily.

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