Hey guys,

So, I have this weird problem. I’ve updated my MX3 to using default Meizu’s Update app. It was fine for a week or something. Then, all of a sudden, my google account disappears taking synced contacts, calendar, etc. with it. Google Services, Play Market and Google Maps disappear as well. I’m opening GMC Installer and it suggests me to install Play Market again. I’m doing this and getting back all the apps. But when I tried to add my Google account back in phone settings - it goes to blank screen right after me choosing Add account -> Google. Tried to add account from couple of google apps and similar thing - it either hangs or drop me to home screen.
Ok, I’ve freaked out a bit and decided to upgrade to beta. It went well, I’ve added google account from settings, installed everything, synced everything, yay! In about 6 hours - same thing. Google account, synced data, Services, Market, Maps - all disappeared. This time on this version it allows me to add account again. So I’m doing it. Getting everything back. In about an hour - same thing.
I didn’t do much with the phone at all, no root stuff, no custom firmware, only stable versions in the past.
Other accounts I have added remain there, only Google is affected.
“Less secure apps” access enabled in Google account settings.

The only idea I have now (and don’t really want to try it) is to downgrade to an International version that should work with Google fine for sure (e.g.

Do you happen to have any other ideas?