Meizu M3 with modded or M3S firmware ?

I have a M3 with
I’d like to update my M3, but all the newly released versions are only the “Y” ones.
The M3s has new (and stable) “A” versions.

I’ve think of 2 possible paths but would like to known the forum opinion:

= Option 1:

a) Pickup the latest M3 firmware, version Y.
b) Remove all the yunos references from system\build.prop from within the file and flash it.
Will it stay as a working (and updated) “I” version ?

= Option 2:

a) Flash my M3 with M3S firmware version A version (which is basically the same as the I version).
M3S and M3 are practically identical except the finger print scanner that only exists on the M3S.

Will this work ?

b) Should I previously edit build.prop and change device id refs ?

  • change m3s id:

  • into m3 id:


(also the m3 has the fm radio driver enabled in build.prop but the m3s doesn’t, and the fingerprint drivers seems to be different. even if the m3 doesn’t have one :) )


Thank you for your answer, but what is not possible ?

a) Installing the m3s firmware (which is “A”) into the m3,
b) editing the m3 build.prop (in order to remove all the yunos references), making a new and install it into my m3 ?

thank you

It works by using adb to flash m3s international system.img into m3.
root needed
wipe data.
m3 is converted into a m3s !

unfortunatelly this aproach is not very stable, sometimes after a reboot the system hangs with the blue ballon and only wipping data restores access to it
Well, anyway it was a good test.

Back to m3 chinese firmware :(

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