Meizu M2 note, Flyme 4.5.4I, rooted, how to recover System apps?

Hi guys,

I have rooted my Meizu with Kingo Root.
I have removed “Personalize” system app and 1x other (using “Superuser” mode), not sure which one exactly, remember last letters of system app has been “UI” (may SystemUI).
I have restarted phone and now all the icons has dissapeared from the top desktop bar (wifi, mobile, battery, clock, etc. icons).
Is any way I could download and install those two system apps separately?
I have no backup.

Any help is much appreciated!


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@JKtravel unfortunately the system apps are packed as image files in the update.zips. The easiest thing would be to download the entire firmware again and flash it without wiping data.

Hi Rey,

thanks for your reply.

I did it and now looks correct, back to 4.5.4I.

Another thing, I want upgrade to the latest now, but always get “Firmware corrupted”. Also it says kind of “make sure is in root location”.
I have tried “volume up and swithc on button” method; only double click on “” file; move it to various locations on phone memory and SD card; tick on/off “delete personal data” while upgrading; hard and factory reset and then uprade, always get same error. If I check via Meizu “Upgrader”, it keeps saying “you have the latest version already”.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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I was using wrong version/download of update.
Everything is solved and works like a charm!

Thanks everyone!

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