Flyme OS test firmware (m3)

Status Bar

  • FIX: Do Not Disturb icon status bar is too small.
  • FIX: Status Bar download speeds of more than 2M / s, the speed of the drop-down notification bar displays 0K / s.
  • Optimization: Screenshot Screenshot notice after notice to the floating display, more user-friendly to quickly share screenshots, all good things can be timely to share with you.
  • Optimization: lock screen notification when more than one screen is hard-cut problems, so more beautiful lock screen notifications.

Voice assistant

  • Optimization: streams (voice assistant) Now give you recommend more exciting content. To chat with creek, poetry Huaqianyuexia can talk.

File Management

  • Optimization: Document Management - Image - file image to view all logic.
  • Fix: Open File Manager’s “recently added” will flash back, the problem persists after restart.
  • Fix: Some file management folder name garbled.
  • Fix: Move the file to the device, the top bar does not display the path to the disk storage.
  • FIX: copy a file to a mobile hard disk partition, click the Back button to display a blank hard disk partition.

Phone Guardian

  • Added: extreme power saving mode, the lock screen to increase the remaining battery information is displayed, - “Do not worry, do not run do not run I do not run, I was on the lock screen.” - “Hold your power king.”.


  • Optimization: Click the switch automatically adjust the brightness, brightness bar change process is not smooth, the highlight bar Jun perk up the matter, Xiu Xiu call out.
  • Optimization: When the card is not in the long-term process of search network cause serious power, those in the drawer of the spare machine can persist longer friends.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

MY meizu M3 has come with YunOS 3.1.6 and Flyme OS
Can I update for this version ?

Installing this “Y” version will remove the international languages ? (I use portuguese)


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