MX4 - first impressions (or rather let downs)

So my shiny new MX4 finally arrived.

I can say, in terms of build quality, it’s a masterpiece again, however I feel that MX3 was one nail better. The display is gorgeous, the new camera takes a lot better pictures and the loudspeaker is great.


Meizu, how could you mess up like that?

The new LED is just sad. It does not light the same was across the whole ring, resulting in something I’d call just not nice, nor quality. And as it does not have any other color, I really don’t see a reason why does this have to be such a flaw, when on the MX3 it was just gorgeous, and the blue lining was just a piece of art in design.

Absention of NFC is something I don’t understand at all, as I’d use it with my Denon Envaya, but I can easily live without that one.

What I can’t stand is the new Flyme 4.0. I mean, are you crazy Meizu? Why is everything SO HUGE, I’m not a horse nor a giant, I don’t need buttons that are twice as fat as my finger is. MX3 had a godly DPI ratio, and I’d say it was one of the best sides of Flyme 3.0 overall - because it really looked good, was very very good to use and I had so muuuuuuuch content on my screen. Now I get less with even bigger screen, that’s just… dumb. I can’t find any explanation for this. Not to mention how disgusting it looks.

Also I don’t know why everything is white and I just f**king cannot change it. I have a black phone, and everything on the screen is just forced to be white. It doesn’t look good, again, and I don’t really know why didn’t you include any choice or why didn’t you make it generic - black, as it was on the Flyme 3.0.

There are many more things I don’t really understand in the new Flyme 4.0. Like - why did you remove the shortcuts buttons and the brightness slider from the multitasking bar? I was using it every day multiple times, and I swear I wasn’t the only one exactly.

And just look at those settings menu… I have a 5,4" screen and I have to slide to find 2 more buttons… that’s just absurd…

All in all, I was expecting a lot lot more…


Sell it!. I’m expecting mine.

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I think you already knew about the white interface, if not, your the dumb one jaja, and the dpi you can easily change it with apps or with root Explorer manually.

I don’t want to sell it. I want Flyme 3.0 on it.

cruzfire: you can change the DPI in android UI, but not in Flyme. Flyme is fixed DPI.

@‘mitarai’ said:

I don’t want to sell it. I want Flyme 3.0 on it.

cruzfire: you can change the DPI in android UI, but not in Flyme. Flyme is fixed DPI.

Are you sure?there is no usual bild.prop? God dammit…


There must be.
You can change the UI, but not the way Android works.

What about the sound with earphones? Better or worse than the MX3 /Wolfson combo? Louder? Is there Didac?

I would really like to have a complete idea of what to expect on this, it is a deal breaker for me

@‘cruzfire’ said:

@‘mitarai’ said:

I don’t want to sell it. I want Flyme 3.0 on it.

cruzfire: you can change the DPI in android UI, but not in Flyme. Flyme is fixed DPI.

Are you sure?there is no usual bild.prop? God dammit…

It’s worth a try, because they support more devices from now on so the whole Flyme UI HAS to be reactive/flexible to some extent (Nexus 5 has a bit different resolution). This is a question for our HondaRacer.

As for the MX3 vs MX4 earphones comparison, I can’t test it because I don’t have the mx3 for a long time… been using the MI4 until now and I was really happy with it, but expexcted the glory of Meizu, so I bought it… didn’t come, sadly.

But I truly think the MX4 has a godly audio quality. I can say at least the loudspeaker is miles ahead from the MX3, and as Meizu is a former premium music company, I think it’s a no-brainer. Will test and tell you more tomorrow.

For me the audio quality over ear/ headphones is the most important feature. So i’m looking forward to see your experiences.

Sad to hear that about the led… it is one of my favorite design elements of mx. Is it really so bad?
I agree about shortcuts in taskbar, maybe they will rethink it and put it again.


No more brightness control in swipe up menu? I used to love it… I have ling days of work so brightness is kept low unless i need it so that feature was good. :(

Yup I miss it pretty much. Also the notification bar now scrolls up through all screen and copies the TouchWiz I’d say, and doesn’t look good either. The one beautiful “tailor-made” on the MX3 was the best.

Guys, don’t go for Flyme 4.0 on your MX3. Not a single things is better here :-(

EDIT: The 4.0.2 version allows to choose “Small” font in the UI which makes things look a bit better…


Quick question.
The home button does it act as notification LED? At a reception of SMS or missed call, notification application etc …?


Petite question.
Le bouton home fait-il office de LED de notification ? Lors d’une réception de sms ou appel manqué, notification application etc … ?

Yes, it does - sometime, somehow… but needs a vast improvement to get as good as the mx3 was.

I have some questions:
-Is it the international version from meizumart? (which called 461 i think)

-If yes then does it have the CE logo somewhere in the body and is the playstore preinstalled?

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