Is this bug fixed?

Re: Messages embedded app doesn't receive sms
That thread is quite old, but my device have the same bug… 9 month after the apparition of the bug! Shall I upgrade Flyme manually or everyone is still waiting for an automatic update?

@Tormetibus I agree there is some bug still here to do with messages …I seem to lose some or they are not allocated to the right contact account…I see them when they first come in at the top of the screen but if I miss it I am stuffed cos I have difficulty finding the message again!


For me (Flyme Pro 5) I still miss some SMS. Just horrible what they done to the device.

@ca876 Worse for me (Flyme Y), I recive no any sms but I can send them… (I checked all other potential issues, I am practically sure that it is a Flyme’s bug)

now my whatsapp messages are delayed an hour or so!
Do I have to clear data on update…to MX5 )PRO
or doersnt that make any difference…any ideas?
I did not

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