Screen problem

My problem started few days ago.

When i reached for my phone the screen was covered with Gray stripes, nothing more. I can use it, the sounds seem to wotk, because i get the notifications. The only way to get everything ok is to reset the phone, or press (with a bit of strength) the screen. Actually in two points.
During this abnormal activity the phone seems to be a bit laggy, sometimes it even reboots (i had it once).

The situation occurs when i have my phone locked. Nothing happens, as long as I use it. This laggines occurs from time to time, but it gets me a bit nervous.
I even wiped my phone, and reinstalled the rom. Right now I’m using 5.1. 6.0G.
So far - nothing helped.
I contacted the seller from aliexpress, but I’m afraid that he won’t help me, as I bought the phone last November.
Aby suggestions?

@thewozny i would personnally recommend just for one main reason
2 times bought a screen from aliexpress and 2 times were or with scratch or just with white stripes like you have now :)
and the price seems the same

But for a phone bought some month ago is really bad luck to have already faulty screen :(
Good luck to fix it ;)

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So it is a faulty screen? Damn me… Always a bad luck…
Shouldn’t such cases be covered by seller’s warranty? (Just thinking outloud)

@thewozny I assume it’s a faulty screen if you have white stripes like you said but for the lag i don’t really understand why
it appears … to be honest .
It might be linked with the faulty screen due to this it lag cause the touchscreen doesn’t respond good it can’t be another piece of hardware like the cpu or other one I think …

Yeah actually you should have a year of warranty(by the company like here but it’s 2 years in Europe) but in any case you should pay the shipping fee to send it and it will cost you if not more expensive the same price as the screen it’s easier to buy it and replace yourself (relatively easy it’s like lego)

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Yeah, i understand everything. I hoped that i wouldn’t have to do it by myself, and pay the costs of the screen, as it wasn’t any kind of physical damage.

@thewozny If you use the warranty you shouldn’t pay the screen at all only the sending fee and the return is for the seller.
Cause it’s not your fault that the screen is bad.
Although be carefull as i understand that you have bought it on aliexpress and it’s usual to have problem with seller(not all) but it’s up to you hope you will fix it ;)

I ordered a new screen. Hopefully it will fix my problems

The screen Has arrived. It came with the whole bezel. The most tricky part was with the keys (Power, and volume). I also received a tempered glass for the screen. After the exchange everything works great as before. Thanks for your suggestions:)

@thewozny Hello, pls help me. I have meizu m2 note, and I’m almost broke glass. I bought on Alibaba ( new display but after a while we have raised white stains. Where are you bought new display, on aliexpress or dragon-tt?


I ordered from dragon-tt. Someone here said that the screens from Ali may arrive scratched/broken

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