Update apps in Play store

Bye to all.
In my Pro5 i have the Rom, i have the setting of battery on “performance” and the play store setting in “Automatically apps update at any moment”.
My problem is the outdoor update of play store apps. When there isn’t a wifi connection is impossible start with a new download or with app update. The Pro5, in outdoor, is able to navigate on internet and i don’t understand why i can not dowlnoad new apps or update the apps downloaded and installed!!!

Meizu Pro 6

@Ukacor Open the Flyme Download app and check the settings.

Make sure that the ‘Download on WLAN only’ option is disabled.


Thank you for reply. Can you indicate me where find flyme download?

Meizu Pro 6

@Ukacor It is an app called Download and it should be on one of your home screens.

On my phone it is by default put into a folder called Flyme Tools on one of my home screens.


Founded and resolved. Thank you very much.

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