I can not unlock my Meizu M1 Note


I was in serious problem now.
I tried Google device manager and locked my mobile using 10 letters password.

Now when I try to unlock my mobile, my mobile is accepting only 4 letters and saying wrong password, try again.

I tried changing the password again from Google device manager but I can not change the password. Google allows only one password and can not be changed.

I gave up trying all possible ways and decided to hardrest the mobile. But shockingly my mobile is asking for password even for hard reset but again it is accepting only 4 letters.

How can I use my mobile now ? It is useless. Is there any way to reset my mobile or unlock my device?

Thank you


@amarilindra the 4 letter is password is a PIN set to the device, which can be only done over the Settings or the Flyme website.

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