Cannot Change "Set Preferred Network Type"


Right then, am in the UK on EE. I get good 4g where it’s available except at work whereby I get no G, I get naff all. Everyone else seems to be ok for signal except me so I went googleing and used the ##4635## to have a wander around the hidden menu’s. Under “Set Preferred Network Type” it’s set to ‘GSM Only’, which if I’m correct (???) is 2g, and it won’t let me change it to anything else (i thought it should be set to LTE Only for some reason) .

So, do I need to change anything as my signal can be utter shite if not grabbing 4G… it seems to be 4G or nothing. Do I have a duff handset?

Any help with this would be great,



why dont you have under…SIMS AND NETWORKS…in section …Mobile Settings… under NETWORK MODE… the 4G button ticked?

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@Rey Currently on Have had issues / not been able to make certain changes though for 2x updates (which is how long I’ve had the handset)

@ca876 4G First is ticked. Like I said, when available I get 4G no problem, it just seems to die to nothing outside of 4G.

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