Different Issues MX5

Hi Meizufans, i’m new on this forum, and i’m here today because i’ve some issues on my meizu mx5.

First of all, I want to clarify that I bought this meizu from china but I converted to international version (A to G).

These are my problems:

  • I can't download apps from play store with 3G/4G data, i see always "waiting for connection". This is a very big problem because i use always data connection rather than wifi with which i've no problem.
  • Whatsapp notify appears only when i open the app, I have already added the application whitelist application of the "security", but not work.
  • Video that i play on browser don't open in the apps such as MX Player for example and this not work also with Youtube

How i solve these problems?

Thanks for support, bye :)

p.s. sorry for bad english, but i’m not english

You need to allow the usage of Data to download from play store must be somewhere in settings
For the video you need to put an app to open it
For whatsap i dunno :( check the power consumption profile and allow to sync every time

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@Vympel thanks for answer, i’ve solved two problems but with video i haven’t find any solution? can you help me?

Hi guys… i have problem with Instagram’s new versions. Every new version after 8.1.0. have same laggings and scrolling problems. When i uninstall new version and install that 8.1.0 everything is ok. Somebody have that problems?

@Ivanbg87 Try to clear the cache of this app in the settings > apps > instagram > delete all data of the app
@Vingeek Try to go settings > app > default app (you should swipe) then choose mx as default player and see what happen
it might work i think

What I do is freeze the system apps which I do not use with titanium backup.
If you freeze/uninstall the “Video” app then you should be able to select how to open a video link.

@Vympel i have even reinstalled app and everything is the same. Only older versions works fine.

@Ivanbg87 Use the older one maybe is the app who’s occuring the lag ?

@Vympel yes, i’m using old one Instagram but new versions works fine on other phones…

@Gary10018 stopping an app is not the same as freezing it. Freezing does (almost) the same as uninstalling the app but you can easily re-install (unfreeze) it and keep the data.

This is the only way that worked for me…
It only crashes phones etc. if you freeze apps which are relevant for your system, the video app isn’t.

@Vympel Mx Player is already the default player but not work. :(

@Vingeek I’am out of idea :( will see if there is an alternative way to force it to be the default player

@Vingeek did you try to freeze or uninstall the system video app?..

@Ahmad i’ve already freezed the system video app

@Vingeek using titanium backup? So it doesn’t show up at all anymore.

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