• New: Add Flyme classic mode, the setting - open the double switch freely Flyme classic layout mode, which we gave the old charm of the Friends of Tanabata gift, single baby heart is not bitter Ha - Accessibility.
  • FIX: auxiliary functions can not be called up properly gesture wake wake up applications, graphics ah ~ e, c multiple graphics than you “a,” Do not make trouble Seriously.

Status Bar

  • Fix: drop-down notification bar, you can not draw close on the notification bar.

File Management

  • Optimization: Optimization of locked area upgrade strategy.
  • FIX: storage space, “File Manager - Lock Area” After the upgrade, the emergence of the file is missing, rest assured, a small movie it will not be eaten.
  • FIX: After the upgrade is complete, from the notification bar click unfinished upgrade option into the folder, press the Home button to return to the desktop, “the upgrade is complete locking area” bomb box does not disappear.

Lock screen

  • Optimization: charging animation lock screen left whole problem, even if it is offset by one pixel in all escape my discernment.
  • Fix: horizontal screen page press the key combination shots after the lock screen, lock screen into horizontal screen interface.


  • Added: Olympic themed events, with the view of “clean” Ning Zetao “debris flow” Fuyuan Hui.
  • Optimization: video playback power performance, watching an episode of “Silver Soul” there is so much power, continue with these ideas together Siyu Yan.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS