Hello everybody,

i’m sad, i have Meizu MX3, 3.8.3a , it is impossible to change sms app default, i want chomp sms or an other app but i can’t or an other sms app but impossible, i don’t know why, i’m rooted etc…

the default app is very bad for me (favorite, notice??? etc…)

maybe it is possible with 3.5.3a rom ?

thank you

Change the SMS app to what?

Hello HondaRacer,

sorry for my english, i don’t like the sms app, i prefer chomp sms because many options, i can change launcher etc…but i can’ t change de default sms app, 3.7.3a impossible too

it is a surprise for me, nobody talking about that, for me it is the only one critical point.

if you have an idea or solution

thank you so much

PS : Go SMS is ok normally

Yes I also faced the same problem. I am ok with the default sms but I need to restore my old sms into this phone. I can’t even do that! Can someone help?

Have you tried the “normal” way of restoring Sms, like helium or sms backup from the play store? I don’t have the phone yet but using either one every week.

Hi, did someone find a solution about SMS app ? I tried using Hangouts, but since 3.7.3a, impossible to use Hangouts for sms :’(

Same here, did someone find a solution for sms?
I cant get either Helium backup (first phone ever Helium can’t handle) or SMS Backup & Restore from play store.


This seems to have been fixed in 4.0.4A test firmware.
There is an option under accessibility to change default sms app. And i tried it with textra and it seems to work (i don’t use sms much)

However be aware that it is a beta test with possibly bugs in it (google play definitely nerds the usual fix)… So you can wait it out till a stable 4.0.4 for mx3 is released…

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