Flyme 5: upgrade or not?

Hello, i have a M2 mini with Flyme 4.5.4I and i was wondering if upgrading to was a good choice, i’ve been hearing mixed reactions such as slower OS, removed features (like root) etc. that stopped me from doing it. What’s your opinion?

Meizu Pro 6

well i rooted easily from kingroot. and i dont know if g and a versions are the same in performance. but one thing i can tell you for sure: it is way better! very easy to handle, beautiful design, very good multitasking drawer, better than flyme 4 have which is realy crappy, settings in the notifications bar, and on and on. and if you updated and you are not satisfied, you can allways downgrade.
ps: even if its slower, you can do things faster with the os being very good made.

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