Flyme 5 is crap

I upgraded my m2 to flyme, but after some days of using it, conclusion is Flyme 5 it is crap. Definitively.
Slower than v4, forced having a recent app drawer (which is real offense to privacy, and unremovable), overcomplicated (access to contact groups need 5 click whereas in version 4 need two !!)
No android kernel updrage, just adding crappy things everywhere, from contacts to alarm through app manager.

So how to downgrade ? I wouldn’t like to do a factory settings, wasting again my time reinstalling everything…

Whatsoever, Flyme 5 is pure, real, crap.

Download for the corresponding flyme 4 you liked, put it to the root (ie, not to any folder) of your internal memory, double-click on from File Manager and choose to Clear Data + Upgrade

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