How to re-enable developer option on M2 Note with flyme

When the phone updated from flyme 4.5 it becomes un-rooted and suddenly “developer option are not available for this account”.
I don’t really care about root access but I need to enable developer options to enable cloud print and other usefull things.

Is there a way to re-enable developer options or I have to downgrade?

Finally developer options enabled after root but I still can’t enable cloud print.

Any ideas?


The cloud print menu cannot be accessed through the Settings nor it can be activated with Google Cloud Print. Seems to be a bug.
I see a low chance that they will fix it as well, because their firmwares are not optimized for Google stuff (no matter if A or G firmware).

I downloaded this app which works, a bit differently though. It is not possible to print directly a document or an email, but can be printed through the app.

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