Please support this thread for G version
Meizu MX5
They stopped supporting G version, i need your help to bring it back for all the global users. Please help :)


First of all this is not 100% correct.
As of now Meizu has not abandoned support for G firmwares, however their developers are somewhat bad that they cannot even fix the A version properly (happens if you hire a bunch of kids, which never developed before). Therefore they seem “to focus on more important things” (thats how they would call it).

Nonetheless I personally would suggest you to stop using one of the worst firmwares available and finally switch to the A version, which is not as bad as the G one (even though it is buggy).

I can’t switch to A version, this is my personal thing. But can you please say when will be avialable G version for Meizu M3 Note?

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