Cant login/register flyme account

I wanted to create a new flyme account but it doesnt send the code to my phone.Flyme
It says that failed to send.But I typed the right phone number.


Hey @eliga159,

to register a Flyme account you should use the official Flyme site as the one from the phone is fixed to chinese phone numbers only:

I try to recover the password and when i do that it says that the account not found.


@eliga159 simply make a new one.

Or was there already an account connected to the device?
If this is the case you may contact the seller and ask for a password or open a PayPal case, if he cannot hand it out.

Thank you, I managed to login, but when i try to gain root acces it says couldnt get to the server.Can it be fixed?


@eliga159 thats a common issue with that specific G firmware. Either try using Kingroot or go for the A firmware.

Tryed to use kingroot but it says root strategy unavailable

Now when i try to register and login to the flyme account it ask me to logout from the previously flyme account.As i hae no access to the previous account How can i log in with my new account please…help me.

I think such issue was discussed elswhere in other topics but that there is no other way but to ask previous owner to login and delete the old account.
Or, maybe you could show receipt to Meizu and ask them for help (?)

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