Meizu M3 Note Wi-Fi problem

Hi! I have problem with Wi-Fi connection. Everything is ok on other devices, but my Meizu has some problem. It is connected, but when I open browser it’s loading almost 95% and then… nothing. It won’t work. In settings everything is set as in my M2. I tried ##3646633## but it didn’t change anythng. Any ideas what’s wrong?
Oh, when my friend share his internet connection to my M3 via Wi-Fi it worked. Only home Wi-Fi is not.

Edit: from time to time I’m reciving an emails via application (not Gmail), so it seems like it has Wi-Fi connection, but too weak to do anything else. I cannot create Flyme account as well, because of “no Wi-Fi” connection.

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I would try a simple reboot first, if that doesn’t helps reflash the firmware with clear data and if that not helps either the WiFi module is damaged or the antenna got lose.

At the end problem was with IP. I change it twice and it works…

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