Help. My speaker is not working

I dont know what happened before. All i know everything was good until i open youtube today. I did hardware check, you know what it said fail to use speaker. Please anyone help me!!

Meizu Pro 6

what firmware are you using?
and is it only youtube or the speaker generaly?

Thanks for the response dude, my fly flyme version is Flyme OS 4.5.3l and my version is 5.1. Its speaker generaly dude. The big one speaker i mean if i use loudspeaker, play music, typing sound, etc its not work, but the little speaker i mean when i use to call (normal speaker) is well. Could you tell me how to fix it? Sorry for my english

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Meizu Pro 6

when did it happened? have you done something inside the phone? and why dont you update your phone?
by the way i’m assuming that with headset your good to go

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