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  • Flyme OS test firmware (MX3)


    • NEW: Long shots Function.
    • FIX: red assistant sound silent problem.
    • FIX: Lock screen click on the Home button to bring up the lock screen music Caton problem.
    • FIX: Can not modify problem logger buffer size.


    • Fix: Under camera HDR mode camera will flash back problems.


    • FIX: Long press the call record selection of new members will be called flash back problems.
    • Fix: some scenes information open flash back problems.
    • FIX: No call recording recorder identified problems.
    • FIX: message recording no recorder ID, message notification and no problems.

    Lock screen

    • FIX: lock screen lock screen wallpaper display only, and can not unlock problem.

    Flyme OS

    Flyme OS

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  • Thanks a lot Rey!
    I am glad they fixed HDR ( I use the stock camera app for night shot) and lock screen issue.
    I hope they have fixed the lags too^^ For the last 2 weeks I have been quite happy with :)
    Using my mx3 as my daily driver, I am so thrilled to have new updates! A pity it is not running masrhmallow, and that the playstore compatibility issues remain…

    PS: Unlocking is apparently working flawlessy, and UI seems smoother than on the previous release, really good rom until now!

  • I am just flashing it… overall I am very suprised that we even get chance of trying Flyme 5… yea sure android M would be sweat, but I am still pretty happy with Meizu

  • Yesterday i installed it and it’s working perfect. No more black stuck screens then was on 5.6 test version. I very like new keyboard who’s better when was on latest flyme versions.

  • Nice, i’m downloading upgrade now and i will tested :) Maybe will compability with Google play? :)

  • I am on it right now seems better than previous one, not sure yet, i updated without clearing data, but i think some apps like instagram wont be available to be upgraded directly from google play store, otherwise google play services seems to work fine.

  • I am trying the new beta too, working like a charm since yesterday :)
    Alas the google play compatibility issue isn’t solved and I can’t download some apps I paid, whereas I can install them from the apk I backuped. Any bug on this new one on your side?

  • I upgrade without data clean, so apps on and upgradet to beta working good, but google app don’t working. Everytime “checking info” and don’t stopped. :D
    p.s. after unistall and using google service fixer everything working, but not play store. Just turning down. :)

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