Flyme OS test firmware (MX4 Pro)

Lock screen

  • NEW: lock screen notification bar at the top to modify from the drop-down.
  • Optimization: music lock screen interface effects.

Phone Guardian

  • Added: power-hungry applications prompt, easily caught sneaking backstage application.
  • New: wake-cut 2.0, mutual wake between intelligent prohibit unnecessary applications, effectively enhance fluency and power.
  • New: access control lock screen interception, but also you a clean lock screen.
  • FIX: Program has been closed, but the notification bar also displays notification read permissions positioning.


  • Optimization: Third Party App calling camera experience.
  • Fix: manually set the exposure after taking, again return to invalidation.
  • FIX: sporadic open grid line function is not in effect.
  • FIX: Turn the camera even now appear “OK” exception alerts, cause the camera can not be used.
  • Optimization: Modify photographs sound resources.
  • FIX: Under camera mode interface, enter the Task Manager, the camera icon displays an unusual size.
  • FIX: When setting the exposure long after the first press the camera shutter timing, the second time you press the shutter, the length of exposure calculation and display settings such as long term overlap.

Set up

  • New: increase in phone settings in “Call flash remind” switch.
  • Optimization: on your phone to adjust the visual service records.
  • FIX: The language is set to English, the setting - Fixed Change Password interface error copywriting - and fingerprint security - complex password.

Cloud Sync

  • FIX: cloud sync status bar icon shows excessive.

Voice assistant

  • FIX: Contacts have set avatar, use voice search assistant avatar inconsistent with the actual contact information.


  • FIX: When you receive operator information click on the bottom menu bar charge traffic information flash back.
  • FIX: MMS inside the audio file can not be saved to a local.


  • Fix: Open the document within OTG U disk, the file does not exist


  • Optimization: Stock refresh rate.
  • Fix: Gallery album full management option is not selected or all operations, then click OK, the flash gallery to return the desktop.
  • FIX: When you set a specific photo Click Wallpaper gallery flash back problems.
  • FIX: New Album Album Cloud upload photos, there is always a failure due to network failure Upload.


  • FIX: When you will be prompted to delete the group grouping "Group name already exists’ cause can not be deleted.
  • Fix: After a call when Bluetooth mode, press the Home key back into the QQ, a chat session after entering any chat interface returns list again, the sound is cut into the phone handset. (Please update to QQ 6.5.0).
  • FIX: When connecting a Bluetooth headset, high moral navigation under the micro-channel voice answer, headphones only voice calls, no voice navigation.
  • FIX: Call History List screen, click on “unlimited free calls to play, click experience now!”, You can not enter the open telephone network interface.
  • Fix: Even now unknown number can not answer incoming calls, you can save it as a normal human contact calls.

Status Bar

  • Optimization: Immersive status bar effect.


  • FIX: Wi-Fi connection did not open flow, choose to play the video but suggested that traffic is being used to play.
  • FIX: When playing the video section, suggesting that “fail to play, click on Exit” after phone restart.

Set up

  • Optimization: on your phone to adjust the visual service records.
  • FIX: The language is set to English, the setting - Fixed Change Password interface error copywriting - and fingerprint security - complex password.


  • Fix: play video in a browser, during playback, the page automatically switches to the next video, the browser unresponsive.

Third-party app

  • FIX: “Happy Diminshing music” Caton phenomenon, there are three to five seconds pause time.

Find your phone

  • Repair: I Find the phone occasionally unable to resolve the problem of address information.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

I’ve downloaded 2 times this firmware and when I’m trying to install, says “Firmware corrupt”. Where is the problem?

Meizu MX4 Pro

@Wanzer I had the same problem but I thought it is the root and Xposed
I have installed a previous beta version and then the ota 👌

Hi guys. Probably the link is wrong. Go directly here. Worked for me. By the way, they seem to have fixed GPlay issues in this one.

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