Can't update my phone with any FlymeOS version!

Hello everyone.

I’m new in Meizu family and FlymeOS world.

I’ve got a Meizu MX5 with Flyme OS and i would like to upgrade it to Flyme OS It doesn’t update because the update.rar file is not an executable file (like in all tutorials that i have watched on internet), but when i click it then appears just 2 options View and Extract. What should i do to can update it? Or maybe i’m doing something wrong?

Thanks a lot guys!

Meizu Pro 5

Archive need to be. zip, not. rar
It may have been compressed for easier download.

My mistake #Kikounet95 . There’s a zip extension and not rar. I’m sorry! I tryed every update from the to and i can’t open it as an executable file.

L.E. Should i root 1st my phone? Or? I’m trying over a week and it’s gonna kill me!

Thanks a lot for your reply!

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Meizu Pro 6

@Grekutu You need to use the Flyme file manager in order to install it. The Flyme file manager will recognize that it is a firmware file and will start the firmware upgrade. Maybe you are already using the Flyme file manager but I thought I would mention it just in case ;)

Other option is to put the firmware file into the root folder of your folder and then reboot into recovery mode. From there you can also install the firmware.

It may also be that your downloaded firmware is corrupted?

I open the Documents folder from the main screen and there is the (into Disk or phone storage) (if this is the root folder). I can see it only as an archive and nothing else. I get the and it works with your second option. I’ll try to get the last update and ill be back and post if i can or not.

Thanks a lot for your help guys!

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