Service Exception on downloading Theme

flyme, trying to download a theme by the built in Theme app, but it always fails with Service Exception?!

Wireless is On, everything else (browser, Google Play, mail, etc.) works.
I’ve tried over two WiFi connections (home and office), same problem.

Btw, downloading of a wallpaper from the same Theme app worked fine

Trying but cannot connect to Korea, OpenVPN client constantly showing Reconnecting.

Btw, as I said above, I’m using G=GLOBAL version, hence IMO it is pointless that its built-in Theme application requires VPN to fake users address.


Try using a different VPN profile.
The G firmware doesn’t supports the Theme Center properly. Only with the A firmware it is guaranteed to work properly.

Today I was able to download Themes with G.
Without VPN, aand being Logged Out from the flyme account.
Btw, I’m pretty sure that I tried under the same conditions few days ago but it didn’t work

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