MX2 Buried in the Highlands in snow.

Hello everyone, some of you on here may or not recognise my username from the meizume forum where I was a member as soon as I had placed the order for my first M8.

Must start this story with an apology to Hondaracer who asked me to post it some time ago now.
The Scottish highlands has several ski resorts, which last year had a great season for deep snowfall. Naturally as a keen snowboarder and with family living in the area, I had to travel up and take advantage of all the snow, with my closest resort being Cairn Gorm. This was on New Years Eve 2013.
After a fantastic day skiing with family and friends, upon returning to the car I realised my MX2 which I had been using to listen to music was no longer in my pocket!!!~@*". Pocket must have come undone at some point.
I had been mostly off piste all day and fresh snow had been falling non stop, so the phone was gone, buried in the powder.
Naturally I left my details with the centre in case it turned up, but I wasn’t holding my breath.
A week later I decided to shake of my blues, take the hit and shell out for a shiney new MX3 HK, purchased through a friend from Hong Kong.
After what felt like forever and a hefty VAT charge, 53 days later the phone finally arrived in my hands.
The following week I get a call from my brother, one of the members of the ski group and residents of the ski area. My MX2 had been found somehow, handed into a lifty, and then collected by my brother.
I was pretty amazed, and glad I was getting it back, but wasn’t holding out much hope as to its condition.
So my brother posts it down to me, arriving in less than a week. It looks to be in OK condition, no cracked screen, despite the marks from the edge of a ski over the back casing (guess someone riding over it is how it was found).
Impatient as I am, rather than opening it up and letting it dry out, I assume that its time in transit has been enough drying time and connect it straight to the charger, and press down the power button.
Amazement, the thing turns on and everything seems to be ok. I do all the checks, calls and texts from other phones, internet browsing, taking photos etc. The only part no longer functioning was the camera flash, the separate unit on the battery cover.

So after 2 moths buried in snow, in sub zero condition on a mountain side in Scotland, and after being hit by skis it still works. I think it would be difficult to argue that as far as build quality goes, that is pretty impressive, so impressive that I and Hondaracer felt it would be worth sharing, so I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this way overly long post.


Sweet story :D

That’s just impressive! Who knows how long it has been buried in the snow.

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