Pro 5 or pro 6?

I’m thinkin about changing my Mx5 to pro 6 or pro 5.
Anyone who has one of these can help me decide which one is better?

@annachtz They are kinda the same there are some difference in hardware but in overall they are both good depend what you need

(Pro 6 - Pro5)
Storage eMMC - UFS (better)
Audio Cirrus Logic - Sabre ESS (better)
3D Press - None
Maybe the color calibration of the screen are better on the 6 and have Gorilla GLass 4 Instead of 3 for the 5
They use the same Camera if i’am not wrong
Some upgrade for the mcharge

No real big difference as you can see just a matter of subjective preference :)


@annachtz Before you get a Pro 6 you should get a much better and cheaper Xiaomi mi5.

However the story between Pro 5 and Mi5 is something different, that’s up to you. Yet the Pro 6 is out, don’t get it, in any case.

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