Flyme 3.8.3A test firmware (MX2)


  • When downgrading to a lower version number, you must clear data.
  • If you experience bugs in test firmwares, please leave feedback.
  • Test firmware users can check for upgrades in the System Upgrade menu, ROOT users need to download the full package.

Search and Weather:

  • Added Flyme 4 weather, you can check the weather animation.
  • Searching for a separate plug-alone.


  • Added Flyme 4 calculator, adding conversion function.


  • Added Flyme 4 clock, bringing a new visual effects.


  • New search function, you can add a subscription subscription center searched.
  • New local collection function, the case or not logged off the network can also be collections article.


  • Optimization Smartbar, hidden Smartbar application while typing can hide Smartbar.

Flyme 3.8.3A

Flyme 3.8.3A

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Is this new Flyme 4 weather working out of China?

I just installed it, the weather app doesn’t work in Europe. :(

@‘balisto’ said:

I just installed it, the weather app doesn’t work in Europe. :(

Thanks. This is very disappointed as Meizu is going to international market but stock app could not work abroad. This is since Flyme 3 but still not improve on Flyme 4.

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