Can't update meizu m2

Hi! I want to reinstall my meizu m2 note , im on flyme 5.1.6 OG .
When i try to factory reset or open i see this text : firmware corrupt and i cant update or reinstall my device.
I want to reinstall my device so its can be like a new from the box.
Also i have installed Xposed firmware , maybe its because of it?
I want to reinstall my device because i cant find a way to delete xposed…

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Things are similar but nevertheless there are two phones and two cathegories on the forum, m2 (aka mini) and m2 note.

I’ve had the similar issue on m2. I tried several times to install from recovery, it always told me that firmware was corrupt. Then I double-clicked from flyme (ie, used the upgrade app), and then that same file was accepted?!

Meizu m2

If you are on chinese version you cant install Global version, there is way to trick phone to think that it is global, i think that i found it on XDA

Meizu Pro 6

when i had firmware corrupt thing it was after i rooted the phone.
so i downloaded an update from this website and not via the update app and it worked.

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