Stolen M2 Note

i got my m2 note stolen the other day. it has lockscreen password. i just wanna ask if they can reformat it or hard reset it. and when they do so, will the files on my vault be deleted too? i am keep on trying to track it but it still not connected to a network. thank you.

@simonjohn Try with the android find my phone maybe you will be able to locate it
If they will do a clear data it should earse all data including the vault

@Vympel is it true that if someone tries to hard reset my m2 note, it will ask for a password identical to the lockscreen code or maybe the flyme acct password(not sure what password it requires) ? thanks in advance

@simonjohn If for exemple they bypass the lockscreen to do a reset factory by the settings it would ask your flyme account and password
But if they do it by the recovery and install a new version with clear data all would be wiped but to be confirmed by someone …
@Asiier ?

@Vympel @Asiier is there any way they can bypass the lock screen? but i am thinking they still not, because they still not using the phone. i know this because i’m still tracking my phone via meizu phone finder and android find my phone. and it still hasn’t connect to a network since it was stolen. Or maybe they flash another firmware to it? maybe a non meizu firmware? thanks. sorry for too many questions.

@simonjohn They won’t be able to bypass it in 99.99% i assume they don’t even know wich model of phone it’s so i wouldn’t worry about that.
If they flash a new rom you will lose the tracking (should setup the phone finder again due the data wipe) but your flyme account is anyway associated with the IMEI/S/N number of the phone so they will not be able to change the account if i’am not wrong to change it you should put your password etc …
Saw some post about selling meizu phone and there are already flyme account of the previous owner which are impossible to erase.
Hope you will get it back to you !

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Thank you very much for your time @Vympel maybe i’m just too worried about my files on the vault that still on my phone when it got stolen.

@simonjohn You’re welcome , … i imagine that the files are the only concern but did you tried via android phone finder ?
it has an erase option/lock option maybe it will wokrs better than the meizu one wich aren’t made for the european but mostly for chinese people

i tried it too. i’m still waiting for the phone to connect to a wifi network. because it says that it will try to remotely erase all the data as long as the phone connects to a network.

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